How to Make Your Company Better

Last week we talked about how you can get better at anything. This week let’s talk about how to make your company better. 

Before we can measure “get better”, first, we need to know how to measure your company. Now, most people will default to financials – revenue, costs, profit, profit margin, etc. – after all this is the predominant scorecard used in business, and this is a good start, but what affects all of these financials on a daily basis, decisions. 

Your company is equal to the decisions made by your people every day. 

Think about how significant this is. If you have 5 employees that average 10 decisions per hour, over an 8 hour day that is 400 decisions per day, and 2000 decisions per week, that affect your business; and this is probably a low estimate. 

So, how does your company get better?

It starts with daily decisions. The decisions made on a daily basis have to get better.

So, how do the daily decisions get better?

Your people make better decisions.

So, how do your people make better decisions this year than last year?

Your people get better.

You generally have a few options to improve your team: 

  1. Hire better people
  2. Replace poor decision makers
  3. Train and develop everyone on your team


This is why great companies recruit top level talent and implement training, continuing education and employee development programs.

Most companies do nothing, they just lets things happen, they are not proactive and hope their people get better. When business stagnates or declines, the leaders wonder what happened and look for somewhere to point the finger, but the issue was in front of them all along, it was the quality of the decisions made day in and day out.

What approach do you and your company use; proactive training and development of your team or do you just let things happen and hope your team gets better?

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