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Time is our most precious resource. Every worker in your company has limited time and we have to overcome several common time sucks to be efficient and effective.


Time Suck #1 - Information

Where is the information when you need it? We all know that one piece of information can sometimes be the difference between winning or losing a job. When you need information on a specific topic, like building science or building codes, Spray Foam Advisor can be your resource, available on demand, 24/7, at your fingertips.


Time Suck #2 - New Employees

When you hire a new employee, for any position, who trains them? It is typically either the owner, manager or the most skilled and effective person in that position. All of these people resources are more valuable than hours and hours of lost production during  training time. What if you had an automated on boarding process? A new hire could watch a video training series, on the schedule that you create, then they only interface with their mentor for discussion, questions and hands on training.




How many decisions do you or one of your employees make per hour? 10 to 15 conservatively? If we say 12, then in an 8 hour day that is almost 100 decisions per day, 500 decisions per week and more than 25,000 decisions per year. How confident are you in the decisions your team makes?

When our people have regular, consistent training, they make better decisions, they set more appointments, they close more deals, we have less waste and we make more money.




Add systems and processes to your business to create an engine that runs whether you are working everyday or you are on a beach with a drink in your hands.

An on boarding process for new employees and a continuing education process for your current staff is one of the critical systems you can put in place to create a foundation for the business of your dreams.





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I have ten years in foam sales and installation and one of the best things that ever happened to me was becoming aquatinted with Robert Naini.  On more than a few occasions a letter, conversation or a quick email from Rob saved me or my clients money and time.  In the foam world there are no peers to Rob when it comes to solving building science or building code questions!  To this point, with zero exceptions, Rob has overcome every challenge I have thrown his way… just ask the poor code folks who had to apologize to me or my clients when they changed their decision!

— Tom Decker, Chicago Green Insulation




I have worked with Robert Naini since 2010 as co-workers, his employee and I have employed him as a consultant. Robert has been and continues to be a great resource to me and my company. His advance knowledge has helped me grow and better understand building science, AIA presentations, specifications & building and maintaining customer relationships.  Robert has been and continues to be a mentor and an inspiration to my career. His passion, professionalism and support of SPF benefits everyone in the spray foam industry.

— Stephen St. Romain, ThermoSeal, LLC

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