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Here are some of the great comments from people that Robert Naini has helped:



I have ten years in foam sales and installation and one of the best things that every happened to me was becoming aquatinted with Robert Naini.  On more than a few occasions a letter, conversation or a quick email from Rob saved me or my clients money and time.  In the foam world there are no peers to Rob when it comes to solving building science or building code questions!  To this point, with zero exceptions, Rob has overcome every challenge I have thrown his way… just ask the poor code folks who had to apologize to me or my clients when they changed their decision!

Tom Decker, Chicago Green Insulation



I worked with Robert for several years in the Spray Foam Insulation Industry. When we were colleagues at Demilec USA, I found his knowledge base and his work ethic to be quite impressive. He was always my first and last source of information regarding off-the-wall code concerns and he was the "go to guy" for our company.

— Derek Dwyer, Demilec USA

I have worked with Robert Naini since 2010 as co-workers, his employee and I have employed him as a consultant. Robert has been and continues to be a great resource to me and my company. His advance knowledge has helped me grow and better understand building science, AIA presentations, specifications & building and maintaining customer relationships.  Robert has been and continues to be a mentor and an inspiration to my career. His passion, professionalism and support of SPF benefits everyone in the spray foam industry.

Stephen St. Romain, ThermoSeal, LLC

I highly recommend Robert Naini.

Robert has excellent technical and communication skills. He was the in-house technical expert at Demilec for several years. His attention to detail and an unparalleled commitment to accuracy and clarity truly set him apart from other technical scientists I’ve encountered in the Building Science Field. Additionally, he provided a solid foundation to my 8-week training when I joined Demilec, and his wealth of information and knowledge has directly contributed to the success in my current position. I have personally witnessed Robert overcome hurdles and offer solutions to design challenges that have baffled his peers.  

 Chris Bring, Demilec

Robert, I am happy to write this recommendation regarding your knowledge and expertise in the spray foam industry. You have continuously shown that you have the ability to provide the best information regarding chemical composition, product application, and material compatibility.

— Peter Kidney, Specialty Insulation Group

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