Where Has All The Cold Weather Gone?

Last week I discussed one of the things you always hear, “Spray Foam Is Too Expensive!!!

This week I want to remind you about some things that happen to applicators in the cold weather.

Although, it was 85 F here in Texas yesterday, where has all the cold weather gone?

I hope you are soaking up the sun now and using the unseasonable warm weather to your advantage. With this great weather, your teams should be getting better yield right now compared to last November, because, as we all know, cold weather absorbs heat from the spraying reaction and generally lowers yield.

Enjoy it now, profit from it now, because cold weather is a comin’, it always does.

Here is a tip that can help when dealing with cold weather.

Whether you use Graco or PMC, an electric or hydraulic proportioner, a box truck or trailer, the truck workspace should always be kept warm. Both insulating and heating the enclosed space will help control temperature. If the temperature is not controlled, the temperature inside the work area will be the same as outside, and this means everything – hoses, chemical, cleaners, grease, hydraulic fluid, black piping, generator, diesel fuel, air compressor, parts, etc. – will be dramatically colder.

If you do not keep your rig warm, this could happen:

Scenario #1 – Operator gets to work ready to start his day. The diesel generator will not start. Someone forgot to plug in the heater. He comes inside where he gets yelled at by his supervisor for not plugging it in the day before, and no matter how long it takes, he needs to finish the job today, so before he is started, he is faced with a long shift… That employee now wears a frown and the thought of working till whenever, well…you get the picture. You’ve heard the story of the man who kicked the cat! Well, he just became the man who throws the spray gun against the wall! Or mashes gears in the truck. Either way, it’s an expense that wasn’t necessary.

Scenario #2 – Now he has finally started the generator. One hour behind schedule he leaves the shop so he can get to job site and start spraying. Once there he realizes, in his haste, he forgot to stop to fill the diesel tank, which he knows won’t last the day. FRUSTRATION… Now at the job site, generator running, he turns on the air compressor, the compressor comes on, but…NO AIR…moisture in the tank from the day before froze overnight, plugging up the airlines…more FRUSTRATION!!!

These issues can be avoided.

Stay tuned next week as we continue to explore the interesting world of spray foam insulation.

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